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2022-07-17 :: New version of The GLib/GTK Development Platform - A Getting Started Guide

I've finally released a new small version of glib-gtk-book.

What triggered my motivation for releasing a new version is a contributor showing up. It stirred up my will to dust a bit the project.

An appendix will probably be written, in which case another new version will be released, once ready. So ... be ready!

If you read this and feel like contributing, don't hesitate ;-) !

C/GObject and Rust

While the "book"/document targets the C language, there is now Rust that can be recommended for new projects.

So I've added a new sub-section in the introduction, explaining why and when it makes sense to still use and learn C/GObject (basically for existing projects where a full rewrite is realistically not feasible).

Even though it's not possible to write comments on this blog, don't hesitate to drop me an email. I do read them, and like to have feedbacks.