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2022-07-31 :: Adopt a gedit plugin!

First a good news, gedit is back on the road. After doing a long break, I feel energized again to develop gedit and related projects.

The next version of gedit will be released when ready, like Debian.

And here comes where you can help! Especially by adopting the development and maintenance of a gedit plugin. Be it part of the main gedit repository, or gedit-plugins, or ... a removed plugin (the small bad news).

First and foremost, nothing is set in stone, a long-term project like gedit grows organically. A removed plugin doesn't mean the end of the world, it can be re-added later, or someone can give it a new life by developing it in its own repository. And, remember, the next version will be released when ready.

The list of removed plugins (all from the gedit-plugins repository):

They all have a reason for having been removed:

There is a more general reason. Here is how it goes when a plugin is included in gedit:

  1. A contributor writes the plugin and proposes it for inclusion.
  2. A gedit maintainer looks at the purpose of the plugin, to see if it makes sense to include it. If so, a code review is done.
  3. Then ideally the original author maintains the code. I said ideally, in practice it regularly happens that the author no longer have time or budget to still work on it.

As a result, it is the main developers who have more and more work to do. At some point it becomes basically unfeasible for a few people or a single person to deal with such a big amount of code. It causes stress for those core contributors, so it's a vicious circle (some developers prefer not to contribute anymore because of that stress).

So my hope is that with the release-when-ready, it will give some time to at least revive the Find in files plugin (that plugin is written in Vala).

With plugins, it's easier for the code maintenance to be distributed and to scale. After all, the plugin engine is called libpeas. If you are interested to take care of a gedit peas, don't hesitate to get in touch ;) !

That's all for today, I intend to relate more news around gedit when there are interesting things to communicate.

Even though it's not possible to write comments on this blog, don't hesitate to drop me an email. I do read them, and like to have feedbacks.