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2022-09-07 :: Crediting people

Crediting people is important, and it's something that we - in the free software community - don't always apply enough. Or we unconsciously don't do so.

That's where scientific papers get it really right. And for blog posts or articles, it depends on many factors (exercise for you: try to categorize blog posts into a discrete color scale, between red, green and blue, wrt. what this blog post is all about).

So, with the exercise statement, you already know that not all text are equal in that regard [1]. I'm thinking about somehow quickly-written raw text, or sometimes just the title that happens to be exactly the same (with a totally different body), with a long timespan in-between.


I know I know, there are more articles that I wrote that I would like to republish than there are subjects that I would like to write about in the near future. That being said, /me disappeared temporarily into a temporary other location [2].

Thanks for reading, and see you for my next blog post or article!

In the meantime, I know some people like beholding awe-inspiring videos (with some reflection and experiments about the spring equation, heterogeneous containers and peer review, various discussions, talking about TeX, but forget about it. With a small wink towards my more local readers). Any relationship with past events would be pure coincidence.

Feet notes

[1] I realized, again, that I do a bit my Captain Obvious here.. Sorry.

[2] Or, in common jargon: vacation!

Even though it's not possible to write comments on this blog, don't hesitate to drop me an email. I do read them, and like to have feedbacks and interesting discussions. And ... I'll credit you if you agree not to be anonymous.